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Did Durant play football before

2022-07-01 14:03American football game
Summary: Who are the five NBA stars with the highest talent in the past 30 yearsFifth: Durant is a monster player in the league. His long-distance projection ability and strong physical quality make him perfor
Who are the five NBA stars with the highest talent in the past 30 years
Fifth: Durant is a monster player in the league. His long-distance projection ability and strong physical quality make him perform very well on the field. As a horror, he is obviously a center figure, but it happened that he performed so well in the point guardWhich team is Durant from
Durant is currently with the nets. In the 2007 NBA draft, Kevin Durant was selected by the Seattle SuperSonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) in the second place in the first round, and moved to Oklahoma with the team in 2008. In 2014, he won the NBA scoring champion and the regular season MVP. July 4th, 2016Which NBA stars are "gifted"
Finally, of course, it's James, who was also born to play basketball. Even if James doesn't play basketball, he is probably the number one player in football. He has a good talent and is so willful. With his inexplicable physical strength, top-level sports ability and strong physique, his technology is still so delicate that his success is difficult to replicate. James' field control abilityWhich is stronger, LeBron James or Kevin Durant
In the shrinking season, the superstar group, stern factor, referee factor and other difficult won a championship, it is predicted that Zhan's ring will not exceed 3 at most. Of course, it doesn't count to hold his thigh in his old age, while Durant has a promising future without injury accidents, at the level of AduNBA Durant details and major honors
Kevin Durant / Kevin Durant / 35 position: small forward (SF) / point guard (SG) height: 6 feet 9 inches (205.)
Why is there such a saying in the United States that "only when you are in good health can you play football, but only when you are in poor health can you play basketball"
His father, uncle and two brothers used to play football, but they played in the position of the defensive group, which is different from Joe burrow. There is no problem with their physical fitness. What needs to be considered may be the shooting percentage. As a rugby 4-point guard, Joe burrow is very confident in his hand. Last season, his passing success rate was as high as 76Durant's growth
His grandmother Barbara also encouraged him, saying that height was a blessing for Durant. Durant and his brother Tony participated in many after-school sports with the support of their mother. Family strength Durant's basketball talent gradually emerged, and he played hisDid Durant play football before first official game when he was 11 years oldWho do you think has more pure talent than Durant? Why
James' athletic ability is really abnormal. His body should actually play football. Playing basketball is a dimension reduction blow. However, it is also reasonable. It is James' consistent style to choose a path that is easier to succeed. If he had gone to play football, he might not have achieved what he is now. Secondly, the overall situationKevin Durant's early experience
After that game, the excited Durant told his mother that he must enter the NBA to play. At that time, Durant and Michael Beasley became good friends. Before breakfast every day, Beasley was sent to Durant's house by his mother. Then, the two go to school together and play ball togetherWhich team is Durant in NBA
Durant's biggest advantage is that he has no dead end in scoring, aDid Durant play football beforend he is confident. The weakness is relatively thin, and the defense is not reassuring. Durant grew up as a point guard and grew to 6 '9 in high school. He found himself the tallest big man on the court, but he was still faster and more flexible than many guards
Did Durant play football before

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